Mira’s Unity-based SDK will be available for download in August, enabling creators to develop original experiences, re-tool existing 3D assets, or add a premium layer to their existing handheld AR apps.
  • Counter-Distortion Rendering
  • 3DOF rotational tracking
  • 6DOF optical tracking (powered by Wikitude)
    • Marker-based tracking
    • Extended Marker Tracking
    • Limited SLAM Markerless Tracking
  • 3DOF remote controller
    • Gyroscope + Accelerometer
    • Touchpad w/ click for swipe gestures
    • Menu and Start Buttons
    • Trigger
  • Mira Spectator Mode (phone to headset)
    • Enable users to view a Mira Prism experience in real time from their phone or tablet
  • Networking support (headset to headset)
    • Documentation for remote networking best practices.
  • Handheld Mode + Headset Mode Support
    • Build apps that work both with or without the headset*
  • Mira Asset Pack
    • UI Element for Mira compatible apps to switch between handheld & headset mode
    • App Icon Element for Mira compatible apps
  • Free unlimited licenses**
  • Hardware Specs:
    • See through Optical Display
    • 60 Degree FOV
    • Total Resolution: 1334 x 750
  • Current Supported Devices: iPhone 6, 6s & 7

*Every app built with Mira SDK must have at least some level of compatibility with the headset
**For consumer-grade applications published by entities who gross less than $1M. For enterprise licenses, please contact