Mira Connect

Enable your remote subject-matter experts to effectively guide frontline workers in real-time, from anywhere, without having to travel. 

See-What-I-See Video Calling

As COVID-19 hinders travel and the ability to be on-site physically, gain the ability to spread knowledge and presence virtually. Stream a frontline worker’s view and guide processes. Eliminate travel costs and downtime with instant knowledge transfer.

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Make a Call

Users from either the web or headset can easily initiate a call thanks to team-based selection.

See-What-I-See Video Calling

A remote expert sees through the eyes of your frontline team members wearing the Prism Pro Headset and can watch from their POV.

Share Media

The expert can annotate the view of the worker and send along relevant media to get the job done.

Access Insights

Decrease time to resolution and drive process improvements with insights generated every session.

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Begin conducting remote audits, troubleshooting, and training with Mira’s structured Pilot Package.

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