Empower your frontline with seamless remote collaboration and hands-free workflow guidance. Work doesn’t end when travel halts.

Solutions Designed for the Deskless Industrial Workforce

Explore what makes Mira's software and hardware offering the most cost-effective, scalable, and intuitive solution in the industry.

Mira Connect

Bridge team communication gaps and enable remote experts via a shared field of vision for real-time collaboration, auditing, and troubleshooting.

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Mira Flow

Replace paper checklists and enable hands-free, heads-up workflows that capture data at every step along the way.

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The Mira Advantage

From paper-and-pen to digital-and-accountable: reduce the room for human error and promote cross-functional collaboration.

  • Save Time + Avoid Travel

    Communicate directly with your frontline through real-time POV-video calling, eliminating the need for additional time and expense for travel.

  • Data-driven Records

    Analyze digital activity records to reveal hidden trends, heighten compliance, and increase transparency.

  • A Safer Workforce

    Mitigate problems and deter accidents before they occur by providing your workforce with the knowledge to comply with standard operating procedures.

Powered by the Prism Pro

Smartphone powered, compatible with your MDM

Get in and out of AR quickly with a flip of the lens

Attached camera enables the capture of clear images and streaming of video, while the battery keeps the system going

PPE compatible with off the shelf protective eyewear and MSA Type 1 V Gard hard hat

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