Introducing the Mira Prism.
True augmented reality, powered by your smartphone.
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Experience your world through a new lens.
Mira Prism lets you interact with holographic images overlaid on the real world. Alone or with friends, the Prism brings your world to life.
All you need is your smartphone.
No plugs, computers, or wires needed. No matter where you are, simply open the Mira app on your smartphone, slide it into the Prism headset, and begin exploring the wonders of interactive holographic content.
Join the fun, even without a headset.
In Spectator Mode, you can watch your friend's AR experience in real time from your own phone or tablet.
Start building for tomorrow, today.
Mira’s Unity-based SDK is available for downland, enabling creators to develop original experiences, re-tool existing 3D assets, or add a premium layer to their existing handheld AR apps.
Mira for Developers
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Social. Portable. Affordable.
Pre-Order today for just $99. (MSRP $149)
Developer Kit est. delivery Fall 2017
Supports iPhone 6, 6S, 7 & 8.