Augmented Reality for the Modern Workforce.

Ready-to-Deploy AR Hardware + Software


Powered by your smartphone. 

Augmented reality fully integrated into your enterprise's existing smartphone devices eliminates the need to manage and secure new technology. Just snap your smartphone into our headset and access the provided software. 

Only $99/Month. The Mira Starter Package, featuring the Mira Prism and our intuitive Remote Expert application, provides enterprises with easy-to-deploy augmented reality solutions for only $99/month— an unparalleled value under one subscription.


Available today on iOS. Android support coming soon.  


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The Mira Advantage


Works with your existing devices and security

Our unique AR offering was deliberately designed for straightforward and scalable implementation utilizing already trusted smartphones within your existing ecosystem.


No hefty upfront expenses and an affordable monthly fee

Avoid deployment capital expenditures and start improving productivity today when you subscribe to one modest month-to-month subscription -  including a Prism headset free of charge and no annual contract. 


Immersive 60˚ field of view and user-centric ergonomics.

Allow your team to remain present in the real-world and stay on task with Mira Prism’s wide-reaching FOV and intuitive interface— recently recognized with a world-renowned Red Dot Design Award.


Remote Expert Features


Video and Voice Calls

Enhance communication between field technician and remote expert via a shared vantage point.


Hands-Free Input

Intuitively navigate through applications with natural head movements and voice commands for controlling on-screen actions.


Screenshots and Annotations

Receive rapid feedback and instructions from remote experts as they annotate over captured stills from a technician’s true perspective.


Dynamic File Sharing

Transfer documents, images, and PDFs for easy onsite reference while maintaining the connection between users.


Real-time Messaging

Enable seasoned employees to provide guidance in loud environments by sending written messages to the user in the field.


User and Group Management

Empower admins to organize employees into larger groups for convenient access to company departments, or silo users into exclusive communities for secure access to sensitive information.


On-premise Licensing Option

*Available for Approved Customers

Give your organization full control of your data and enable rich video connection securely on your private network.


Detailed Audit Logs

Provide admins with thorough records of team call activity and shared files, for historical reference.


Call Activity Analytics

Evaluate areas of opportunity to increase performance via metrics such as files transferred and annotation trends.


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Mira Starter Package

Get up and running quickly and confidently with our easy-to-deploy enterprise Starter Package for a low monthly cost of $99/month, with Remote Expert and hardware included.

No annual contract required. 


Mira Developer Edition

The perfect choice for developers eager to prototype augmented reality solutions but forego premium prices.                                            



Custom Solution

Have another idea for how AR can transform your workplace? Help shape the future of augmented reality within your industry by reaching out today.