Ready-to-Deploy AR Hardware + Software

Deploy Augmented Reality

  • without breaking the bank.

  • without securing new devices.

  • without disrupting your workflow.

  • today.



Enterprise-grade wearables and software solutions powered by the smartphones you own and trust.


Smartphone-powered Hardware. 

Our headsets are powered by smartphones that are already integrated into your network, eliminating the need to manage and secure new technology. Simply download the smartphone app and snap your phone into the headset included free with your software package— and your team is up and running.



For IT:

Use Existing Security.

Our software works in line with your existing smartphone MDM and secured ecosystem. 

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For Safety & Compliance:

PPE Compatible.

Our headset functions in confluence with hard hats, safety glasses, and other safety equipment.


For End Users:

Award-Winning UX.

Our RedDot Award-winning product boasts a best-in-class 60˚ field of view and intuitive ergonomics.


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Hands-free Solutions for Every Industry

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Software Solutions


A Suite Designed for Productivity.

Intuitive and handsfree software to increase your workforce’s efficiency

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Enable Live Remote Assistance

Streamline the process of getting expert guidance to your front line workforce by enabling live see-what-I-see video calling with added annotations, screen sharing & document sharing.

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Guide Users Through Tasks

Using task lists authored in our web-based editor, provide your workforce with step-by-step workflows to aid their processes with digital instructions, navigable diagrams and 3D models.


Intuitively Document Workflows

When a worker completes a task, actions are automatically timestamped, geotagged, and logged with a photo or video to increase compliance and quality control.

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Enterprise-ready Integrations

Our software stack has been designed with simplicity and scalability in mind. Get up and running quickly and begin measuring efficiency increases among your workforce today.


Analytics & Audit Logs

Provide admins with thorough records of team call activity and shared files, for historical reference. Plus, evaluate areas of opportunity to increase performance via metrics such as files transferred and annotation trends.


User & Group Management

Easily invite, onboard, and group members of your organization. Allow for the separation of privileges by differentiating admin and user roles.


On-Premise Licensing Option*

Give your organization full control of your data and enable rich video connection securely on your private network.

*Only available for approved customers


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Custom Solutions

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Not an enterprise looking for an already-built solution? Developers interested in building on our platform can apply for a Developer Kit here.